Riding Boots Style: 10 Ideas to Rock Them for a Modern Urban Look

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We're here to talk about one of the most iconic and versatile accessories every woman should have in her wardrobe: riding boots. These classic boots have a long history of elegance and functionality, and today, with our help, we'll show you how you can pair them up to achieve a modern urban look without compromising comfort and style.

Fillies and Boots: Our Promise of Customized Boots

We're Fillies and Boots, a brand that firmly believes in personalization and craftsmanship excellence. We know that every woman is unique, and what she wears should reflect that uniqueness. That's why we're dedicated to creating custom boots tailored to your specific calf circumference and height needs. We only use genuine, high-quality leather and apply craftsmanship at every step to ensure each pair is as unique as you are.

How to Style Riding Boots for a Modern Urban Look

Now, let's dive into the fun part: putting together these fantastic boots to create a look that will make you stand out wherever you go.

Look #1: Winter Elegance with a Twist

To brave the cold in style, pair riding boots with a long coat and a knit suit set. Add an oversized scarf and leather gloves for a touch of elegance and comfort. This style is perfect for winter, keeping warmth and style in harmony.

Look #2: Boho-Chic Vibes for Relaxing Days

For a boho-chic look, pair riding boots with a maxi floral dress and a wide-brimmed hat. This combo is ideal for relaxing days or a city outing with friends. The boots add a bohemian touch to your outfit, creating harmony between style and comfort.

Look #3: Metropolitan Chic with Bold Details

Create an eye-catching metropolitan look by pairing riding boots with cigarette pants and a contrasting t-shirt. Add an oversized jacket and bold accessories like statement earrings or a colorful bag. This style is perfect for the office or a casual meetup.

Look #4: Preppy Style with a Touch of Rusticity

Create a preppy look by pairing riding boots with a high-waisted pleated skirt, a cardigan, and a collared shirt. This style is perfect for a brunch or an afternoon of shopping. The boots add a touch of rustic elegance that elevates the classic preppy style.

Look #5: Casual Chic

For a casual yet elegant look, pair riding boots with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. This mix of elements offers a balance between comfort and effortless style. The boots add a touch of elegance to the look, transforming a simple outfit into something truly special.

Look #6: Evening Glamour with a Country Touch

For a glam evening, pair riding boots with a mini blazer dress. This style combines the elegance of an evening dress with the rustic touch of the boots. The effect is stunning, creating a look that won't go unnoticed.

Look #7: Vintage Style with a Modern Twist

Create a vintage look with a retro-inspired turtleneck sweater, a high-waisted skirt, and riding boots. Add accessories like cat-eye sunglasses and a knotted scarf. This style is a tribute to the past with a contemporary touch that will make you shine.

Look #8: Nautical Style

Create a nautical-inspired look by pairing riding boots with a long white and blue striped sweater. Complete it with dark blue trousers and a sailor-cut jacket, and add accessories like a crossbody bag. This style is perfect for a city stroll.

Look #9: Streetwear Style with a Country Vibe

For a streetwear look with a hint of country, pair riding boots with a midi denim skirt with a slit and a cozy sweater. This combination is perfect for hanging out with friends or going to a concert. The boots add a distinctive and cool element to your street style, turning a casual outfit into something unique and original.

Look #10: A Universal Style Tip

A special tip if you want to wear your riding boots during the transitional seasons and tights just aren't your thing. Simply use soft knee-high socks in cashmere or thin cotton, in neutral colors like beige or light gray. This way, there won't be a stark contrast between the boot and the leg, and you can play with your favorite looks in any season. Try it out to believe it!

The Simplicity of Elegance: Fillies and Boots Riding Boots

In conclusion, riding boots are a timeless icon that suits any style and personality. With Fillies and Boots, you can have custom boots that blend traditional elegance with modern boldness. Choose comfort, quality, and uncompromising style with our passionately crafted boots. Let us make your style as unique as you are!

If you want to discover how easy it is to have your custom calf boots, click here, or message us on Whatsapp if you need support.


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