Step 1: Browse the collection

If you're tired of not being able to find the boots you’ve always dreamed of with the perfect fit we’ve got you covered. No more guessing.

Browse our collection and choose the boots you know are the ones for you. Made in Italy with the finest leather and great attention to details.

Step 2: Measure your calf height and circumference

1. The only thing you need is a measuring tape. Sit on a chair, hold your bare foot down and bend your leg to 90°. Then take a tailor measuring tape and measure the side of your calf, starting from the bottom up until the bend of your knee. Put your finger right behind your knee and make sure the measure you choose for your calf height is not higher than that.

2. While keeping the same position measure both your calves circumference at their widest point. You can measure your calves in different points to be sure to choose the widest. If their circumference is different that’s perfectly ok, make sure to choose the widest one and if you need some help just send us a message, we’ll be happy to help.

Important: if you are looking for heeled boots you must measure your calf circumference by bending your foot as if you were wearing heels

Step 3: Choose the perfect footwear size

We use classic women's footwear sizes. In order to know your exact measures you just need a paper and a pencil. Draw your foot trace on the paper and measure the length of your foot trace. Then use the size table to choose your size.

Want to make it even easier? Measure your foot by printing our technical sheet: Click here to download and print the size you usually wear to make sure it fits you.

Step 4: Your boots get made

After you confirm your order an expert will contact you to make sure the measurements you took are the best fit for you. We make every pair of boots to order with passion and unique Italian expertise, ensuring your boots will last a lifetime. Every piece is custom made for optimal comfort by our skilled artisans to guarantee the perfect fit you’ve always been looking for.

Step 5: Try them on and glow

From the artisans directly to your home, no middleman to inflate the price. This is the market we believe in, with direct communication, like talking to a close friend. When you’ll receive your boots they’ll fit like a glove, and the years of resignation will immediately fade away. You’ll look awesome, we know that.