Fillies and Boots was conceived by a woman, for all the women.

Struggling to find boots for her wide calf, L. always had to give up as it was proving too difficult, frustrating and most of the time unfruitful.

Shaped boots, unfashionable boots, very poor quality boots, xxl calves boots...

No, this girl isn’t settling for a style she doesn’t like, nor she wants to wear a “label” that doesn’t suit her. She always dreamed of high quality and stylish leather boots - the everlasting ones -, the never-go-without.What she really wants is just a beautiful pair of riding or heeled boots, to go with dresses and skirts during winter - without wearing ankle booties that do not become her at all. 

The only alternative? Buying tailor made boots, but they can be so expensive!

She is relentlessly heading into a dead end. But at this point she realises she is not alone. Women are all different and so one size doesn’t fit all. This problem is really common because - for different reasons - lots of women cannot find boots with a proper leg-fitting and often they have to give up their search.

The dancer with hunky and slim legs, the tiny girl with a big foot size, the curvy one, you name it! We do not all have the same calf!

This is what goes on in L.’s mind when she decides to create Fillies and Boots: she wants to make democratic a fashion accessory that has never been so.

These boots have a glamourous touch and a timeless classic style. This without compromising on high quality materials - all sourced and handcrafted in Italy thanks to knowleadgeable designers and craftsmen who made L.s’ dreams come true.

That is the story of how this brand was born, thinking about all the women, of every size, of every age, in order to make them feel fabulous in their boots.