How to choose the right boots for your body type

We are all different, all unique, each with our own characteristics and peculiarities. We could need curve boots, petite boots, wide calf boots, very thin calf boots - in a nutshell, an unmanageable amount of models! That's why custom-made boots, created on our specific characteristics, are the most effective choice.

The right boots

But, even if we know that it is possible to have wide or thin calf boots, perfect for us and for our legs, what are the right boots for our body size? Given that the only true dogma should be “if it makes you feel good, wear it”, referring to any shoe and item of clothing, there are obviously small tricks and tips to harmonize our figure and choose the most suitable boots for your body.

Boots with heel or without? 

Heels and comfort - first of all, let's start by saying that on a comfortable heel (part of a boot that is also soft and comfortable) - unless you have to face the Camino de Santiago or one of those endless weddings with 10-course post lunch dances - it is possible to face your dates without discomfort and pain.

Heels and attitude - are the heels for us? The answer is simple: if our attitude and our way of having fun / interacting with others does not change when we are on our heels, well; if wearing heels robs us of energy and personality, goodbye forever to vampire heels!

Heels and harmony of forms - but the heel is not a better choice, beyond the alleged inconvenience, for all of us. The speech would be long and articulated but, to give a quick example, on a woman who is already very tall and shapely a high heel could paradoxically weigh down the figure and make posture and gait even more clumsy because of the greater precariousness of balance and center of gravity. On the other hand, a small and thin woman will wear thin heels in a much more harmonious way. A compromise could be the internal wedge, which gives us 4 cm and throws us without compromising the harmony of the figure or altering the balance too much. If you have a pear-shaped physique, with fuller legs and hips and narrower bust, the boots with a square heel and rounded toe will help to optically balance the ensemble, while in the case of thin legs definitely say yes instead to the pointed toe and stiletto heel or, for an apple or inverted triangle physique, narrower in the lower part of the body, a spool heel would be the right choice.

Boots below the knee and above the knee

We wanted them so much and now we know that they exist: the wide calf boots, of all heights, even above the knee. What is the model that suits us the most? In general, over-the-knee boots would be suitable for those with long legs: this does not mean that they are off-limits to the others, but - since they optically interrupt the leg on the thigh - they could risk somehow to penalize the figure. However, there are very effective tricks to avoid the problem: for example, wearing tights (or trousers inside the boots) and boots of the same color minimizes the effect and makes the cuissardes very suitable to anyone.

Knee-high boots lengthen the figure

The knee boots are always good even if we are not very high, as long as their height is precisely just below the knee, never mid-calf, otherwise it would cut off the leg making us visually lower and ungraceful. They definitively suit all body shapes!

Width is also important

While wide shaft boots create the optical effect of leaner legs, making them suitable for those with abundant shapes in the lower part of the body, it is better to opt, instead, for a more adherent shaft if we want to increase the volumes of thin and straight legs.

The right color

If choosing the color of a dress or a sweater is a more rigid science because you have to indulge the complexion to avoid real disasters, the choice of shoe color has a little impact, and even less in the case of boots, often worn over trousers or over tights. Here we can really indulge ourselves but, if it is true that black goes over everything and that neutral colors like beige / nude can be useful in a thousand occasions, it is also true that the visual impact of burgundy or over-the-knee blue suede boots .. certainly does not make us go unnoticed!

Now that we know everything, what boots will our next choice fall on?


Molto interessante specie per le persone curvy che non riescono a trovare gli stivali con gambale di giusta misura, io personalmente ho rinunciato allo stivale alto per la mancanza di misura.

Claudia May 06, 2022

Ho fatto l’ordine venerdì pomeriggio ed oggi sono stata contattata per la conferma delle misure, grazie all’assistenza personalità, alla capacità di ascolto, alla loro gentilezza si sono accorte che avevo ordinato un modello sbagliato… per venirmi incontro abbiamo cambiato modello e così avrò gli stivali che volevo e che sognavo da tanto tempo. Ora non vedo l’ora di riceverli e sono sicura che saranno perfetti!!!

Tiziana May 06, 2022

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