Fillies and Boots is the place to find boots for wide calves without sacrificing style, here I am going to explain why

If you have always had big and wide calves or if after some physical changes (we are not pieces of wood, our body can change over the course of our entire life and it is perfectly normal when this happens) you have found yourself facing with the frustration of not finding a pair of boots for chunky calves - prominent calves, wide calves, bulky calves, however you want to define them we know how difficult it can be to find boots that fit them - this article will help you understand that the problem is not you you. In addition to solving your problem, of course. 

Let's make a premise, the average size of the standard calf girth for a women's boot is about 34-36 cm for a 37 foot size. This means that only as the number of foot increases, the circumference of the shaft will increase, and even just by a very small amount. And what happens then when you have a calf size that is greater than that of the standard you can find in the whole the market?

It’s simple, althought very bad, the boots will not fit and you have to say goodbye to the dream of finally spending 3 out of 4 seasons with boots that will match your looks.

This is the market we have been used to, this has led us every autumn - and I speak in the first person because I have experienced this too - to search for the perfect boot, and to have the same disappointment year after year. Until now.

Since at Fillies and Boots we know it well, we have made the search for made to measure boots our mission. We women are not all the same and one size of the shaft cannot fit all the calves, it is technically impossible.

 But think about that, it is not you who have to adapt to standard measures that could make you feel wrong, it is the measures that have to adapt to you to make you shine.

Our wide calf boots are made with this concept in mind: just take the measurements to get the right fit for you, no need to squeeze with zippers that do not want to close, you can finally say goodbye to the disappointment of wearing the boot on only up to mid-calf before it locks up, blocking your enthusiasm as well.

Even if it may seem like a dream it is real, you can finally enjoy the feeling of having your first boots perfectly fitting your calf.

If you are now wondering how to take the measurements to choose your bespoke boots, by clicking here you can find our simple guide. It will take you two simple moves and two minutes of your time to know the circumference and height of your calf and thus have your own customized shaft according to your measurements. 

If this still hasn't convinced you and if you are thinking that they could be the usual and poorly fashionable boots with a wide shaft, perhaps with elastic panels and a dated look, here is another good news for you: our boots for wide calves are produced by expert craftsmen in the heart of the most important footwear district in Italy, they are timeless and always trendy models, from the classic riding boots that are a must have in every wardrobe to the models with internal wedges, for those looking for a few centimeters more but without sacrificing comfort, from over the knee boots, both flat and high heel cuissardes, to the more classic models with heels. No elastic panels, no old-fashioned models: just the boots you've always dreamed of, which will adapt to your calf measurements and to the needs of a modern wardrobe.

Are you looking forward to wear your first calf fitting boots? We know that the first time you may have some more doubts, write us on Whatsapp (by clicking the pink bar at the top of this site) or on the site chat, we know what your doubts are and we will make them disappear in a little while.

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Bene, sono curiosa di scoprire i vostri prodotti. Mia figlia è alta 1,76 ha la corporatura normale, anche i polpacci, ma il piede lungo, 42 per le scarpe chiuse. Difficilmente riesce a trovare modelli carini per lei . Perché quasi tutte le case….fanno scarpe fino al 41,😞

Elena July 27, 2023

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